What is your royalty rate?
We offer a 50/50 split between author and publisher. For all anthologies the author 50% is split between the contributors unless they would prefer to opt out in favor of a charity of their choice.

Do you charge any fees?
No. We cover manuscript edits, marketing, cover art, ISBN, and sale fees.
Our goal is to earn money for you, not take it from you.

Do you accept all manuscripts submitted to you?
No. We go through and carefully select the manuscripts we feel are the best fit for Hallowed Ink Press.

Do I need an agent to submit my manuscript or short story?
Not at this time. We are currently open to unsolicited submissions.

I have a great idea for my novel but I haven’t written it yet. Can I still submit?
We ask that all manuscripts be completed before submitting unless given specified permission by a member of our staff.

Do you allow multiple submissions simultaneously?
Yes. We will review up to three at a time from one author (anthology submissions not included).

Are your books going to be available in print?
Yes. We will have print and digital available for each of our novels.
As time goes on we hope to also make ebook cards, hardcover, and iBooks available.

Do you accept previously published works?
We consider self published, out-of-print and backlisted titles as long as the author can assure us that they hold full rights at the time of submission.

What marketing do you provide?
Our specialty at this time is online outreach and marketing. All four of our co-founders have experience with media outreach and marketing with two of our co-founders having worked with numerous publishers, authors and companies to promote their authors. It was a major influence when creating the company.

What genres/categories do you accept?
We currently specialize in Young Adult and New Adult and accept works from all genres within these two categories.

Do you accept novellas?
We are looking for series fiction, stand-alone novels, novellas, poetry, short stories, and graphic novels.