Establishing Creativity & Ease for Your Website Spells Success

By M. D. Jones (H.I.P. Intern) (Edited by Amy Lignor)

Whether you are a first-time guest, a soon-to-be customer, or a reader who is always after the latest information, any who visit the never-ending ‘world’ of websites find an infinite number of ways and places to shop online. In fact, there are so many options that it can become a distraction, or even an annoyance, turning a potential customer into someone who has a sour experience and is unlikely to return. Preventing this scenario from happening, and giving your visitors a positive experience, can be downright difficult…but definitely not impossible.

Website developers are normally sought after for their skill in coding and having a full understanding of the Web. But in most instances, they are like a product order catalog: They ask you what you want and deliver just that. If you give them free reign, however, they will give you what was popular with other clients, but it won’t necessarily stand out as unique.

Graphic design artists can help fill the gap when you need to be more creative and more unique than your competitors, making your website far more attractive. In some instances they even own more design skill than regular website developers. But even with their particular skill set, they base what they do off of what is currently popular or what you, as the client, wants, desires and expects.

A marketer with a solid understanding of the market and what customers want is necessary to succeed in any type of retail business. You might not view your website as a retailer, especially if you are, say, a book blogger, but you would be wrong. If your website isn’t attractive, user-friendly, and has a clear point of view that is easy to access, your potential visitors will disappear faster than an ice sculpture on a hot summer day. It’s the same for retailers. Think about what happens when you walk into a store. If you can’t find what you want easily, if the price isn’t right, or if you can’t find someone to help you, you leave feeling frustrated. Any of these scenarios makes it completely unlikely that you will return to that particular store. Simple as that.

Whether an author, retailer, or blogger, all of us have to follow the same basic rules in order to be successful. How we follow those rules and create our websites, which in many ways is our professional identity in the 21st Century, will make any website design experience a successful venture.

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